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Close up view of marble tile shower with sliding glass shower door installed by Great Lakes Glass

Great Lakes Glass is ready to serve all your glass door and window repair needs and glass shower installations. Our commitment to quality service for over 35 years combined with our years of expanded experience make us the right choice in residential glass services. We work on your home as if it were our own. That means you can expect the job to be completed not only effectively and efficiently, but also on time and on budget. We pride ourselves on our dependability, commitment to quality installations and repairs done right the first time.

If you're thinking about glass repairs, glass showers, or patio doors, there's no reason to wait. The benefits start immediately. Great Lakes Glass is the best value when spending your hard earned money to improve your home.

An additional lasting benefit to repairing Cleveland windows is the improved performance of your home. Energy cost savings can be approximately 7 to 24% and even more if you are upgrading from a single pane window. The comfort level of your home will be increase by providing constant, stable temperatures throughout the whole home, throughout the whole year with our Northeast Ohio weather.

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Our residential services include:

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