Top Benefits of a Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure and What to Consider

GL Glass of Cleveland designs and installs frameless glass shower enclosures

Glass shower enclosures can be completely customized to your exact style and needs and the benefits don't end there. Here's why Great Lakes Glass recommends frameless glass as the best shower option available.


Frameless glass can be custom cut to the size that best fits your space. This gives your designer total flexibility in crafting the ideal shower enclosure for your set up, even in previously unworkable spaces. 


Natural light not only showcases the details of your room’s scheme, but it is a powerful natural cleansing agent and mood lifter. A clear flow of light is key in a bathroom, especially if the room is small or windowless. Adequate light can also make personal care easier and reduce potential accidents. Frameless glass doors allow light to flow freely.


In small bathrooms a lack of visible lines can make the space feel larger and more peaceful. Glass shower enclosures allow for an uninterrupted view while also bringing attention to key décor features like intricate tilework, bold colors, and fixture details. And while we typically think of clear frameless glass, customizable finish options are available too.


Glass panels are easily cleaned with a squeegee, and because the enclosures feature minimal hardware, mold and other hard-to-clean buildup aren’t major concerns. Door manufacturers can also add custom coatings to aid in water repellency and resistance to stains, scratching, and hard water buildup. And because frameless glass doors can open into the shower space, excess water is shed inside the enclosure, not on floors.


The glass used for frameless shower doors and enclosures is thick and durable. It is also tempered and resistant to shattering. Watertight seals mean that water isn’t escaping from the shower and ruining surfaces or threatening the shower’s stability. And since the only metal components used are handles and small brackets, corrosion and replacement isn’t a major concern either. 


Frameless shower enclosures are structurally sound, because there aren’t seals or other components to break down they are also safer for long-term use. And frameless glass edges are always filed to create a smooth, harmless edge. Tempered glass is engineered to resist breakage, but if for some reason it does break, tiny cubes of glass reduce the threat of injury. Glass enclosures can also be easier to use for older family members and those with limited mobility since the shower entry is fully customizable to client needs. 

For all these reasons, a frameless shower is a fantastic investment that will provide both functionality and a touch of luxury for years to come. And should you need to sell your home in the future, frameless glass shower enclosures will add to the resale value. 

What do you need to consider regarding the design and construction of your glass shower enclosure?

Designing Your Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure

The very nature of a glass shower enclosure means that clients have more opportunities to customize their shower. Because of this, the installation process will generally be more complex and exacting. Here are some factors that are key to a successful installation:

Cleveland glass shower design and installation

Choose a shower shape: 

  • Single Door – smaller spaces
  • Door and Panel – more ample shower spaces
  • 90° Corner – smaller spaces that allow for two glass sides
  • Neo Angle – variation on corner showers for larger spaces
  • Custom – shapes or configurations unique to the space

Select a layout:

Door Opening:

A glass door must open outward and requires enough clearance.

Entry curb:

Depending on your family’s needs and the flooring in your bathroom, a curb might be vital or it could be inconvenient. 


A panel at the top of the shower can move to allow steam to escape and also accommodates doors in spaces with a nearby ceiling fixture.

Knee Walls:

Either functional or decorative, half walls need to be factored into the final design and may impact door placement and size.


Professional glass shower installation in ClevelandWork with a Glass Shower Professional

Proper selection and installation of a glass shower enclosure requires experience and precision. An established glass professional can help you choose the ideal product for your space. And once the enclosure panels arrive, an expert installer will be able to fit them perfectly. Since mistakes can’t be covered with sealant or other components, you’ll want to know that the pro you choose is up to the task.

Cleveland's Glass Shower Enclosure Specialists

For over forty years, Great Lakes Glass has been serving Northeast Ohio with custom glass options for homeowners and businesses. It is our pleasure and privilege to use our expertise to help you upgrade your property. 

We appreciate what this investment means to our clients and we pride ourselves on our ability to find the ideal solution for your space. From the most intricate design to pure form and function know that your custom, quality, Cardinal shower enclosure will be meticulously designed and installed. 

If you’re not sure whether a frameless glass shower is right for your space, please contact us learn more and schedule a consultation. We look forward to working with you!

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