Winter Tips - Using Light to Brighten Your Day

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Wintertime can be a challenging time of year, and we’re not talking about snowy roads or frosted car windows. We’re talking about the dreary and even depressing melancholia that can set in as the season drags on. Scientists have discovered that light plays an instrumental role in lifting our mood, and there’s no better way to fight the winter dreariness than experimenting with brightening your home or office. Here are some ways to improve your mood and lighten the setting.

Use Mirrors Instead of Nonreflective Surfaces

Mirrors reflect light. So, if you put mirrors in your home and office you will brighten the space immediately. This is a great trick for increasing the light in a room without the need for resorting to other remedies.

Give Your Windows a Good Cleaning

Windows are supposed to let light in. However, if your windows have a film of dirt, dust, and grease on them, the level of light in the room will decrease. Break out the cleaning solution and give them a good scrub. You’ll be amazed at how much brighter everything seems. Along these lines, remove the obstacles from the windows. If you have furniture, posters, or anything else hanging in the window, clean everything out. Let the light shine through the glass as it was supposed to do, and you’ll find that you feel better!

Consider a New Door

A solid wooden door can look nice. However, it also blocks light. Consider whether you should update to a glass door to let in plenty of light. You’ll notice an immediate improvement in your mood, and it will change the tone of your home or office considerably.

Install Energy Efficient Windows

If your windows are old and drafty you may be using heavy curtains to help keep the draft out. While this might work to keep you warm, it also blocks light. If you replace those leaky old windows with new energy efficient ones, you can dispense with the curtains and let in more light. The result will be an improved atmosphere in the room and a better mood on your part.

Consider Furnishings That Utilize Glass

If you have shelving and cabinetry in your home or office, you may notice that all that wood does a great job of blocking light. Replacing them with furnishings that incorporate glass panes into their design will improve the flow of light through your living space.

By following these tips, you can help chase those winter blues away. Regardless if you need commercial or residential glass professionals in the Cleveland area, we’re here to help. Contact us at 440-951-2515 for more information!

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